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Reasons We Decorate with Cornucopias and Pumpkins

Cornucopias have been a longstanding go-to decoration for the fall season and Thanksgiving meal for a number of reasons. They’re a symbol of abundance and peace or friendship dating back to the Pilgrims. It’s also a reminder to be thankful for time with friends & family and to be thankful for what you have. ┬áCornucopias are also fabulous decor pieces! They can be used for your table centerpiece, mantle or entryway table.

This is a sampling of various arrangements & decor and may not represent what is available currently at The Town Framery.

Pumpkins and gourds are just a couple seasonal vegetables we look forward to in the fall. Because they’re bountiful during this season, using them for both decor and dishes is easy! Use pumpkins for pumpkin pie or baked pumpkin seeds AND put them throughout your home for a colorful, warm look. Add them to your table centerpiece or bake them into a pie for your Thanksgiving meal!

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