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Tips for Decorating with Animal Figurines

Bunnies, frogs, pigs, ducks, elephants, owls, cats and more have run a muck throughout the shop! If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering, “How do I coordinate these animals with my home decor?” Check out these tips below to help you create a beautiful display!

1 . Color coordination – Incorporating these green rustic bunnies is simple when your decor pieces have the same kind of tint. These green vases compliment the green bunnies. You can also mix gray elements, such as candlesticks, for a little more texture.

2. This pig mirror and dancing pig decor are simple and neutral pieces to add to a space.


3. Statement pieces are always fun! This elephant figurine is a perfectly neutral piece. You can pair with fabulous candle holders, succulents, or table clocks for a cohesive style.

4. Owl inspired pieces, such as this vase, creates a soothing mood. Add some beautiful florals to make your space inviting and warm.

5.  These fun little ceramic cats aren’t just a great gift! They can be a beautiful decor piece as well! Pair with beautiful framed art or add some depth and texture with a wood lantern.

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