The Town Framery

Hop into Easter with Us!

Celebrate Easter with us. Spring has arrived and with it has come all things bunnies! Shop for sweet little bunnies for your Easter table centerpieces or home decor.

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February Newsletter Now Available!

The Town Teller’s February issue is now available! Our monthly newsletter is filled with fabulous new spring decor, recipes & great ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts.

Sign up on our website or Facebook page to get access to all the exciting happenings for the month.

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Decorate with Florals

Often we think of flowers and greenery as a way to add life to space. And while that may be true, there’s other reasons to add florals to a space and that’s to decorate! When you have a design that has a lot of vases available, changing the flowers and fill in them can really change the mood of your design.

Take this photo below for example. You see lots of blues and yellows. It feels happy and vibrant, but if we were to change out those yellow flowers, it would not only change the design of course, but also the mood it portrays. If we swapped out all that yellow for maybe white, it’d still be happy, but that vibrancy would be replaced with elegance.

The hydrangea arrangement on the top shelf in this photo is another great example of dressing your space with flowers. The style is very traditional and elegant, so these hydrangeas mimic the attitude this design has. If we switched it out with maybe some tulips, it’d become more exuberant and less moody.

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Candlesticks aren’t Just for Candles

Sure, they have “candle” in its name, but candlesticks can be used to hold so much more! Follow these tips to gain the most from a simple design piece.

  1. Decorative elements, such as faux greenery orbs or potted plants, can be used to add some life and movement to your space.
  2. Don’t want greenery? No problem! Try statuary, such as bunnies or birds, to give them a little elevation.
  3. Throw your pumpkins up there for a fabulous Fall look! Ornament, snowmen or Santa statuary are great options for a gorgeous Christmas display.
  4. If you want to keep the candle look, try alternating with other elements with your candles.


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After Christmas Sale

Stay in the Christmas spirit by enjoying our Christmas decor sale! While supplies lasts, you’ll receive 50% off the original price for all Christmas decor.

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January Newsletter Available

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a wonderful start to 2021. With the new year comes a new issue of our newsletter, The Town Teller. You’ll find information about our After Christmas Sale, new recipes to try and tips for New Year Resolutions. If you’re not subscribed, you can sign up on our website or Facebook page.

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Give the Gift of Handcrafted

Locally handcrafted goods are perfect for gifts, especially for this holly jolly season. We have a variety of pottery, woodwork, jewelry & more to choose from. Give the gift of handcrafted this year!

~ Exotic wood cheese boards & handcrafted wood clocks by Dick Snyder ~


~ Handwoven pineneedle baskets & ornaments by Missy Steffey ~


~ Beautiful vintage, upcycled jewelry by Marianne Gansley ~


~ Whimsical, colorful & functional pottery by Janet Brudecki ~


~ Handturned, functional segmented wood bowls by Paul Tinnell ~


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December Newsletter Available

Hello, December! The holiday season is upon us and we have SO many fabulous gifts & decor to make you smile. With the new month, a new issue of our e-newsletter is available with new recipes, details on our December special & gift ideas.

Not subscribed? Not a problem! You can sign up on our website or Facebook page to get the latest on new merchandise, home decor ideas and so much more.

Stop by this week for some fun holiday shopping 🙂


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Get ready for the holidays with us

The holidays are fast approaching and, although we’re still raking up fallen leaves, it’s time for holiday shopping! This year has been full of craziness, let’s savor this season together and enjoy the little moments the holidays bring us.

We want to help you enjoy those precious family moments by encouraging you to think about holiday gift now so you can relax once December comes. Let your family know how loved they are with the sweetest gifts our shop has to offer! Shop from handcrafted goods, such as woodwork, artwork, pottery, jewelry and more! If that’s not your cup of tea, peruse through our collection of beautiful ornaments and Christmas decor. We also have delicious edible gifts, from pepper jellies to cheese straws, we have something for all taste buds!



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November Newsletter

Happy November!

With the new month comes another edition of our e-newsletter. Our November issue of The Town Teller is now available! If you aren’t subscribed, be sure to sign up so you don’t miss out on awesome recipes, gift ideas & so much more. You can sign up on our Facebook page or website.

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