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Decorate with Florals

Often we think of flowers and greenery as a way to add life to space. And while that may be true, there’s other reasons to add florals to a space and that’s to decorate! When you have a design that has a lot of vases available, changing the flowers and fill in them can really change the mood of your design.

Take this photo below for example. You see lots of blues and yellows. It feels happy and vibrant, but if we were to change out those yellow flowers, it would not only change the design of course, but also the mood it portrays. If we swapped out all that yellow for maybe white, it’d still be happy, but that vibrancy would be replaced with elegance.

The hydrangea arrangement on the top shelf in this photo is another great example of dressing your space with flowers. The style is very traditional and elegant, so these hydrangeas mimic the attitude this design has. If we switched it out with maybe some tulips, it’d become more exuberant and less moody.

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